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How can your team devote its time to work that matters with Swivle?

The good ol' grind we are used to, that is necessary, but takes time... That's the villain in the fol
How can your team devote its time to work that matters with Swivle?
By KiKi from Swivle • Issue #11 • View online
The good ol’ grind we are used to, that is necessary, but takes time… That’s the villain in the following story. It takes focus from the meaningful work we care about. We (team Swivle) are allergic to the repetitive, boring and manual work, so we exist to build solutions dealing with that. Following is our weekly list of hacks on the matter. This is what you can expect:
  • Eliminate time on searching, accessing and sending files.
  • DAM on-boarding guide.

Connect your content with the world.
  • Eliminate time on searching, accessing and duplicate files.
Think of the collaboration between marketing, design and clients and/or partners.
How many files are flying around?
How about all the different versions involved?
Donnow about you, but for us that much back and forth is excessive.
So, we’ve built a link to eliminate that. Enter Swivle Portals.
You can create collections that are shown in the portals.
That way you’d be eliminating the time wasted in changing folder structures, duplicate files, searching for versions and so on.
Communicate and collaborate
Think of all the e-mails or slack communication flying around the launch of any initiative.
How much of that communication evolves around visuals, their design, feedback and approvals?
We help you minimize that. Enter Share Links
They can help you notify individuals on approvals they have to make.
This way you’re ensuring feedback, versions and approvals are stored in 1 file only.
When creating a Share Link, make sure you include any team members who need to be notified.
Step-by-step onboarind guide to a DAM
Following the simple yet thought-through steps will make you step back and think what you really require before jumping into the DAM world.
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KiKi from Swivle

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